While I am unpacking my boxes and digging out some of my older stuff, you might want to have a look around at some of my favorite links ( when I get them up – sorry if I’m slow).

My interests include macroeconomics, US history and Federal politics.

I have an account of the same handle on RedState.com where I’ve posted the majority of my commentary. I have been a regular there, although my interests have varied from trending topics quite often. I find discussions regarding social conservatism some times enlightening, but generally boring. I don’t mean to detract from the importance of these issues for those who hold them as a priority, but without security and an economy with functioning markets, none of that makes much of a difference to the quality of life for anyone, and that is my main purpose for becoming involved. This is an aside from what I view as a logical paradox created in the mixture of constitutional conservatism with social conservatism. If one wishes to utilize the state to change the social behavior of individuals, I do not see how that could be compatible with the letter and spirit of the constitution because there is no authority granted to Congress to regulate these matters. Without proper legal authority, these discussions intended for Federal level politics are irrelevant, and I would oppose any official movement in that direction to avoid trampling of our founding legal document only with a different spin.

With that, sort of disclaimer, out of the way, here are some housekeeping statements:

I enjoy free and open intellectual debates, and I invite challenges to my points of view. I will happily admit when I am wrong, but I do require convincing evidence. With that in mind, this is my forum and I reserve the right to delete comments I find to be either disrespectful or nonconstructive. If you wish to challenge my views, do your homework and at least attempt to prove me wrong with logical clarity. Insults and nitpicking grammatical, spelling or structural errors, like commas in inappropriate places, do not rise to the level of civil, reasoned and constructive criticism, and I will delete comments containing these as a basis for debasement without comment or warning. If you wish to insult or diminish my ideas in this way, get your own blog.

I don’t want to talk about Ron Paul, any other candidate, or political figure without any specific matter of fact included. If you are a Ron Paul supporter, that’s great. I hope it works out well for you. This is, however, a forum of ideas and not a place to display blind sheepdom. If you want to comment about a position a candidate holds, please be sure to include some basis for why reasonable people should agree with it. I don’t want my blog comment section to end up flooded with endless campaign propaganda, for any campaign for that matter. I take pride in independent thought as opposed to blind worship and encourage others to join me in a walk of freedom from the shackles of sheepdom, public shame for holding a minority point of view, and intimidation over intellectual rebellion.

I am a Republican for the purpose of political function only. What I mean by this is that I love to vote, and I take every possible opportunity to do so, primaries included. I generally have voted Republican for lack of better alternatives from the other side, although I have been rethinking this because the lesser of the evils doesn’t seem to be producing effective or tolerable governance. I haven’t come up with a strategy for dealing with this dilemma as of yet, however. Because I am only one actor the huge sea of society, I figure I will just vote my conscience from here on out and let the political market place of ideas come along and compete for my vote, if it ever does. It is sort of a wimpy deferral to others who have experience with the function of political strategy, as I do not have this, but it is all that I can come up with at this point in time.

Yes! I am aware of what it means should everyone decide take this approach, and I am prepared to be accused of everything from treason to voting for the destruction of mankind. I have been on a long journey of studying our rich history and very fragile inheritance of liberty, and I believe I have grasp of  the truths about liberty, the principles behind it, and what our government was intended to be versus what it is today, and those are things cannot be unlearned or brushed aside for the sake of political expediency.  If there is any treason going on here, it surely is not mine. That blame lies squarely on those who are doing, or voting for the trampling of our freedoms, ignoring the intent of the framers, and imposing despotism in whatever form it takes, benevolent or otherwise. For me, there is no going back to the days of voting Republican just to defeat Democrats and their despotic intentions only to live under despotic Republican governance. There is little difference in result, we are still made poorer with economic opportunity squashed and squandered, as our life savings disappears from our accounts over night. There has to be some end to it, somewhere, even if the current despotism has to come crashing down before our natural rights have any possibility to revive. I will settle for nothing less than to be set upon the path to the end of Federal despotism even if my resistance results in hardship, societal chaos or other personal loss.

No, I do not want to end up like Greece, but I would be, in no way, responsible for that happening. There is only one way out of that precarious and likely future and until Republicans start offering the real solution to that problem as more than just empty rhetoric, they will not and cannot avoid that outcome, if it is not already too late.