I have been fiddling with my wordpress settings this evening, trying to fill the “About Me” section.  I filled something out, but it isn’t showing up. I don’t see any other place to do it. I also uploaded an avatar, and that isn’t showing up either. Maybe it just takes a while.

While I was writing it out, I started thinking about political labels. I’ve been noticing lately how different I am from conservatives. I really am not one. Libertarians are too tin-foil-hattish for me; I really am not for anarchy. I have nothing in common politically with social conservatives at all. I think if I had an anti-force, they would be it – my complete opposite. I don’t know what they’re doing in the Republican Party (or maybe I don’t know what I am doing there). I am a classical liberal. I have more in common with the old Bourbon Democrats than I do with a large portion of my party. Perhaps if Democrats weren’t so far left, or so stuck on transfer programs, big government and abortions (um if Democrats weren’t Democrats?) I might be happier there. No, I wouldn’t. Maybe what I’m saying is that I am in the Liberty Middle. And neither party represents my views.

I am a centrist who errs on the side of personal liberty instead of a centrist who can’t figure out if she wants big or bigger government. I hate government for the sake of government.  It should be the last resort in all cases. I detest the way things are now with congress almost always in session, it’s like a hammer looking for a nail. The same goes for the regulatory agencies. Does there ever come a point in time when there are enough rules and they go into maintenance mode? They should be abolished and replaced with strictly enforcement agencies with congress making the rules.

Of course we can only do that if we take care of the incumbent problem, because these guys in congress really don’t want to do the work so they pass it off to the executive branch. If it’s too much work, they’ve usurped too much power from the States.  We should limit House and Senate seats to one term only. There is no reason why anyone should go there and stay there, never having to live under their laws and eat their own dog food. That would help enormously with the arrogance problem, the thirst for power problem, and with issues like Nancy Pelosi, and others, having a lifetime goal of enacting socialized medicine. Just forget it, Nancy, and don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out. It would probably even help with the corruption problem. Nearly everything that is wrong with the motivations behind actions in congress would be solved by it. Maybe even this problem with the Federal Reserve would be solved by it.

The Federal Reserve is a big problem. It is too easy to take over that institution and run it, with perhaps an adversarial agenda, without having any power in the political system. It is like a fourth branch of government full of people that have terms that are way too long, and they hop on and off the board for decades. If were to fix it, I might do something like require the private people elected to the board to be confirmed by the Senate, at least to start. Their terms would be reduced to two years, and once they are gone, they have to leave the system and go back to the private sector, period – no coming back. The government people would have four year terms with 2/3 of the seats expiring the year after every presidential election so the new president would nominate them.  It seems fair to me that the votes on monetary policy should be heavily influenced by the policy agenda, and in no way should we ever end up with a size 20 government in a size 2 economy. Excuse me for saying so, but that is just a load of bull crap and it does nothing but hurt average people. We might as well just have an armed revolution because it does just about as much damage to the economy, to society, and to the political system. I am saying this with a hefty dose of sarcasm. I don’t actually mean to take up arms against the government. No, kids, don’t try it at home or anywhere else, for that matter.

Another thing that congress can do to fix the Fed is to give their mandates teeth. They aren’t guide posts; they are legal mandates and must be treated as such. I’ve heard so much blather about the Fed not being able to do anything about unemployment, and it’s just garbage. It’s simply not true when we have a demand recession and there is an output gap that there is nothing the Fed can do about unemployment that is more permanent. It is only when there is no output gap that the effects of monetary stimulus on employment are temporary. This is macro econ 101, folks, and my mouth gapes open when I hear these Fed bozos say there’s nothing they can do, and they are doing more for employment when we have price stability. That is flat out dishonesty. They should be fired immediately and charged with contempt of congress for lying under oath.

I’m serious about that.  I find nothing more despicable about this whole recession that won’t go away because these guys are either highly incompetent or are playing politics with monetary policy. And I highly suspect the latter. There are people out there who are having their lives turned completely upside down and ruined because of this and we have these arrogant sons of banshees lying their asses off so the Democrats get blamed for it. It makes me so incredibly angry that I could just spit nails. It’s also why I am completely disgusted with the inflation chicken littles and anti-Fed propagandists because they are so not helping the situation at all. They are giving these ass hats cover when everyone should be outraged about the Fed not doing its job when it means so much to people who are being destroyed.

I don’t know, maybe I am the only one who gives a damn about it. If I am, then it really is no wonder this country is messed up. And maybe we all just get what we deserve in the end. I certainly hope that karma is real.