Euro Inflationphobia has been classified under the umbrella of Narcissistic Personality Disorders and has a very unique twist that is highly contagious, being transmitted from person to person through casual conversation, with central bankers being at high at risk due to the disorder having origins in the Bank of International Settlements. It is characterized by an irrational fear of, and obsession with inflation that consumes an individual’s ability to reason and drives an obsessive need for control of others that crosses both legal and political boundaries. Because central bankers are in the high risk group, it is believed that this disorder has the potential to cause, or already has caused mass economic and societal damage.

It recommended that all central bankers be checked by professional psychologists and cleared of the presence of the disorder before being allowed to resume normal duties. Those who are discovered to be infected must undergo a rehabilitation program and should not resume regular duties until being certified as psychologically fit for duty.


Update: This is satire, of course.