I grew up in Southern California. While I enjoyed the weather there and the great economy (it was an economic powerhouse in my younger years) I was never able to witness some of the interesting things in the world of nature like aurora borealis or fireflies.  With one of the more powerful solar flares in a few years coming to hit the earth, I was excited that there would be a chance I would finally see the Northern Lights since I am now living in the Rochester area of New York.

On both Saturday and Sunday evenings, I patiently waited as the sun dipped below the horizon, staring at the northern part of the night sky. I waited. And I waited some more. I took my laptop outside with me so I could keep checking the space weather aurora activity charts. Everything was as expected, but there was nothing in the sky except for sky, stars, and what looks like fields of stardust, all twinkling at me. It was a wondrous sight, but nothing I have not already witnessed.

On Sunday evening, as I was standing in my front yard, leaning on the back of the car waiting for the aurora, I caught a little bit of a twinkle out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a wayward flashing Christmas light floating through a little maple tree. It disappeared as I turned to look at it, and then reappeared a few inches away from where it had vanished. Then I noticed another one with a more greenish-white flicker, and another one floating through a nearby tree. They were fireflies flashing through my trees, which is quite a rare occurrence indeed.

Even though I practically bathed in Deep Woods Off before going out to wait for the Northern Lights that are still quite elusive, I was chomped several places by hungry insects. I am sure I will keep finding more former insect dining areas on my body to slather with cortisone as the day wears on. But it wasn’t all for not; I got to see at least one of the things on my list of the sights to see, and I was quite pleased.

[Update] I won’t be blogging much for the next week or so. For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed being alive while watching fireflies and waiting for the aurora. I have been spending too much time on monetary issues and it has taken a bite out of my emotional state. I can’t even make a coherent comment on another blog, and I’ve sat here trying to write about what amounts to complete stupidity being reported in financial news, selecting three subjects with only garbage flying off my fingers onto a page. For now, I think I’ve done the best I can do. It’s time for a little breather before I go completely mad and start agreeing with the inflation hawks.