I watched most of the first day and these are the impressions I got, not in any particular order

1)      The stories about small business builders are good, but there is too much emphasis on it because most people are not in that category and have trouble identifying with it.

2)      Some of the comments made by representatives of state delegations regarding the need to create jobs were insulting and condescending to average working people. It is of no good for the party in general to recognize the need for more opportunities in society as if it were some kind of philanthropy instead of an obligation of government to foster the kind of world we want to live in that includes self-sufficiency as a main personal obligation.

3)      The first day of remarks and speeches were surprisingly lacking in even high level substance. Talking about the “what” is always nice, but where’s the “how”?

4)      Chris Christie’s keynote speech was lackluster as far as motivating average people to get out and vote for Republicans. Yes, we want government to be truthful and a good steward of public funds, but how is that going to make putting food on my table easier and help relieve my financial stress?

Main things that are missing so far are:


Food price inflation

Substance in regulatory reform, especially in the financial sector

Rational healthcare overhaul

Higher education costs

Getting states to follow the agenda (Agenda? What agenda?)

I have no intention of voting to reelect Obama, but it would be nice if Republicans could at least give me one thing to be excited about voting for. So far, it is a complete yawner.