Admittedly, I didn’t pay as much attention to Wednesday’s convention program as I did on Tuesday. I had the stream going, but was busy with other things and my attention was divided.

I’m surprised that there has been very little comparison in philosophical differences and very little in the way of descript illustration of Obama “being in over his head”. It’s one thing to say that Obama is in over his head, and people listening probably have a good idea. But what if I need to be lead to that conclusion? Surely there are plenty of examples. One good one might be Obama’s answer for the relief of farmers and ranchers from the drought. The ground beef I’ve been buying, for example, has gone up in price 20% in the last year while wages have been flat and his answer for the relief of ranchers is for the government to step in and buy extraordinarily large numbers livestock out of historically small herds/flocks to keep the price from falling. Isn’t that what FDR did while there were people who were subsisting on dandelions plucked out of their yards and others starving? There are just so many red meat missiles that can be lobbed and so many ways to hoist Obama by his own petard. I don’t know what they are waiting for to spell out that government isn’t the answer to the problem; government is the problem.

My opinion of this convention, and there was nothing to change it in day two, is that Republicans are wasting the golden opportunity to seal the deal by being squishy, wishy-washy with no backbone. If this election is as close as the polls seem to suggest, this is why, and they have no one to blame but themselves for the worst president in modern memory not being put out to pasture where he belongs if that is the final outcome. Romney needs to get over himself. We don’t want him, but rather we want Obama gone; and the longer they wait to go after Obama, the harder it’s going to be to get over the finish line.