I watched some of all three nights of the Democratic convention. What I heard didn’t surprise me, but on a personal level I felt that I should at least hear them out. I agree with them on some things, like safety nets. But I don’t agree that the safety net programs are currently of sound structure, and I think they are too generous. They need to be consolidated and reformed. But that isn’t what I heard.

What I heard was opposition to reform. I heard ‘more, more, more’ and a desire to pile waste on top of waste. And I hate to say this, but if I were a Democrat, I would have been embarrassed to be in that crowd. It’s no longer your father’s Democrat Party. I can’t quite put my finger on why I get that impression; it’s just that they aren’t like the people I’ve ever hung around with and I certainly didn’t come from privilege. I was dirt poor in my 20’s, my husband and I didn’t get our first house until we were in our mid-30’s, and I never thought that being poor was a reason to hang in a crowd like that.  We always wanted to find our own way through life; it makes it all the more worth living. Maybe that’s why I’m not a Democrat. I just don’t understand them, but each to his own I guess.

I fell asleep during Obama’s speech. That is probably more because my son started school again this week and I’ve been getting up with him to help him get ready than because of a lack of interest in what the President has to say. But I have to be honest that he sounds more like a lecturer- in-chief than a leader, and the only way he could convince me to vote for him would be to channel Reagan rather spouting national socialist themes. Basically, I tuned out as soon as I realized he was doubling down on fail, and I wonder how much he knows about how large of a role the Federal Reserve has played in his misfortune. He didn’t give any indication that he does.

There are plenty of reviews of Obama’s speech around from both the right and left. Redstate.com has some very partisan ones. But even the Independent Institute has been getting on Obama’s case lately, and so one would probably be hard-pressed to find reviewers who were pleased. Obviously, the Huffington Post is no exception.

If I had a guess, the President is going to have some problems on election night. I have no polls to reference, or any kind of predictive technology to tell this; it’s just a hunch and a big hope. I think he’s a nice guy, and the Obamas, I’m sure, are great people. But I’m not going to the polls to elect a potential neighbor and I want someone who can get the job done. Obama’s been a big failure and it’s time for someone else.