Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will be stepping into the verbal boxing ring tonight. I don’t hold much expectation for Biden to do well because he is a… um… a gaffe-prone idiot. But Ryan shouldn’t underestimate the desperation of the Obama camp, and should be ready for Biden to have some great jabs. Obama needs a Biden win tonight just to keep things even and they will be trying to do as much with Biden as they can to at least keep him from giving away the farm.

I have been under the weather this last week. I caught a kick-my-butt flu over the weekend. It is doing as described, thus posts have been sparse. I am improving, but I am still having trouble focusing for more than a few sentences at a time. I will most certainly be back once my mental capacity reaches somewhere near 100% of normal (and no, I don’t think Biden has the same excuse).

If you didn’t get a flu shot this season (as I didn’t) be sure to take care with coming into contact with public facilities, like elevator buttons, electronic payment machines and the like. I don’t recall being around anyone who is ill and I suspect that I picked it up from a contaminated surface after the infected person was long gone. And so I have tried to not be like people who annoy me most, those who cough all over their hands and then liberally handle public fixtures that everyone must use. I think that if I were to come up with an invention, it would be something along the lines of a permanent anti-microbial surface for public devices. Until something like that is possible, be sure to use any possible thing besides your fingers on these surfaces. I let my guard down, and look what happened to me.