I think I’ve heard nearly everything about blame for the electoral loss. I’ve heard stories of donors being fleeced. I’ve heard stories about social conservatives being too extreme. I’ve heard that we need to capture a greater share of people who turned out to vote by taking a swing to the left, lying to people, enslaving them by making them economically dependent on Republicans being elected.  I’ve heard that Gary Johnson was responsible for losing Ohio; but the people making this assertion don’t want to discuss FL, VA, PA, WI, or any other state for that matter that would have also been required for a Romney win.

The only part I believe is about the donors; but they only have themselves to blame.  It happens when the “inner circle” becomes detached from what’s happening with average people, and there is little recognition about how hard we’ve been hit by the Great Recession. They open their pocketbooks to Republicans; drown big government types in swimming pools of cash, the people who think that throwing tons of money at problems actually solves them, as average rank and file Republicans are screaming not to nominate Mr. Moneybags. The arm twisting and shill tone toward other Republicans funded by these donors during the primary process was stunning. The arrogance in attitude toward economically struggling Americans was also stunning. There was certainly a problem with the assumption that Obama is such a lousy President a bologna sandwich could defeat him and bending the base over the barrel was only a small price to pay in the process of king-making. I am very sorry to say that these people deserved to lose when the base didn’t show up. There are just some things that money cannot buy.

At this point in time I am at a loss for where to go from here. It is plainly obvious that the Republican Party as constituted is severely damaged as a brand after having alienated large enough pockets of the base to not be able to make it over the finish line. If we haven’t learned our lessons well enough that we keep listening to the same people most responsible for our fraying coalition and take a swing to the left, the “we” will become “them” as they can count me out. I’ve had enough.

In the meantime, we should temper everything Obama wants to avoid the worst of the damage, but not impede him. He won. All of the people who stayed home understand that elections have consequences and they chose to accept them by abstention.  It really is too bad the people who know the good chose not to do it as the shadows cast by bad Presidents are far more enduring than those cast by the good ones.

The only line of defense we have left is for States to do their duty and protect their citizens from harm. Each one of the State legislators and Governors has sworn a oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and it is time they uphold that oath by rejecting unconstitutional acts and following through with that rejection with enforcement of State will. We don’t need the Supreme Court to teach us how to read. We know what the document says.