I might be popular, but I’d be like everyone else who has failed you.

If you are looking for comfort in disappointment with words sympathetic to the belief that everyone else is responsible for the current state except the people who put themselves out to lead and took us over a cliff; or if you are looking for camaraderie in narcissism, blaming Santa Claus for Romney’s loss, you won’t find it here. I don’t lie to myself or willingly believe lies of others to feel better; and you shouldn’t either. The truth will make you miserable, and then it sets you free. That is what you want, to be free, don’t you?

The Santa Claus story as an excuse for an electoral loss may sound reasonable, but it’s arrogant demagogy in addition to not being supported by the facts of who turned out to vote. Are you that arrogant to believe that because you had a chair when the music stopped that you are the victim? I don’t think you are.  You work hard. You’ve never been handed anything. You were fortunate to not be severely impacted by the economic crash; having all that you’ve worked for vanish, taken from you by a thief in the night that chose its victims at random in the enormity of the calamity. You were fortunate to not be left with the choice between public assistance and starvation. There are millions of people who faced that choice who would give anything to get back that life they had for the pride and freedom it offered them. Now they are mere shells of what once was.

I am not being dramatic when I say they had to choose between assistance and starvation. A very close friend of mine went to two weeks without anything to eat. And no one understands that predicament until they are at the threshold of it. She had no money because she lost her job and couldn’t find another; and she then lost her house. Just imagine an area with 15M people all living within reasonable driving distance of each other and there are a total of 25 jobs advertised in the major local newspaper; across town there is a tent city, while just a few blocks away there is a park full of middle –class vehicles with people wearing business-casual attire living in them. It’s a surreal sceneof broken lives and dreams that is multiplied across the local area, equaled only by other calamites such as invasion. It’s a humanitarian disaster blunted by the availability of public assistance. Do you think those people are really just victims of themselves and support letting those people languish as charities are overwhelmed? I don’t and I don’t believe you do either.

Now suppose that you have witnessed all of this and understand how lucky you are that God covered you and protected you; that going through it was not in his plan for you. You’re a conservative. And you hear the Republican Party standard bearer talk about the 47% who feel entitled; and remember that when you do for the least among us, you do for Him. That’s not all he said that I found revolting, completely devoid of good will, and out of touch with the reality of what this country has experienced economically; and this person is trying to convince people he is enough with the program to get us back to work while extolling his own virtue. You’re smart; and I think you can figure out why Republican turnout was lower than 2008 and Romney lost. He’s full of crap!

Of course I knew he was full of crap and voted for him anyway because Obama is full of even more crap. So don’t blame me. I held my nose. But I did so under protest. My protests are recorded here on my blog as the campaign was playing out, and so take them for what they are worth. I will spare everyone of the “I told you so.”

If you really want to know what will help recover from this dark period in the history of the Republican Party, start with yourself and drop the resentment toward your neighbor. They are not responsible for the misery. People of the same caliper of Romney are. Take comfort in the clear demonstration by some of our fellow countrymen that things can always be worse, and be glad that it isn’t – because if by some other thing coming in the future it does get worse for you, your neighbors will most certainly be there to help you either in the form of direct help or indirectly through our government.