There is an article on today about reception of the ACA (Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare) exchanges among Republican Governors. So far 18 Republican governors have declined to set up exchanges.

In the article is a quote by Mississippi’s Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney:

I don’t like it; I would not vote for it; I think it needs to be repealed. But it is the law,” said Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, after announcing that his state wants to set up its own exchange. “If you default to the federal government, you forever give the keys to the state’s health insurance market to the federal government.

I agree. The only problem here is that it really doesn’t matter if Mississippi sets up the exchange or if the Federal Government does it. As long as Mississippi takes the money and sets up an exchange in accordance with the ACA requirements, it is still selling out its regulatory authority over its markets for what will likely be forever. Once the ACA is implemented, it isn’t going away; and it will change to much more statist things down the road. This power grab that is being cooperated with is stunning.

Nullify the exchange requirements! Don’t take the money! Do an exchange, but use State requirements for it, not the ACA – it is within the power of States to deviate as it is their police power that is leveraged to enforce the ACA. If there isn’t cooperation with the requirements of the exchange, there is nothing the Feds can directly do to enforce the ACA.

I am amazed that after all the fighting over the ACA, Republican Governors have decided that there are only two choices: cooperate fully or roll over and play dead; both of which achieve the same result. Whatever happened to their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? It is only a piece of paper, after all. It can’t enforce itself; and I don’t think John Roberts needs to teach them how to read.

I am very sad to report that the Tea Party, with all its focus of attention on the Constitution and originalism, has accomplished absolutely nothing. We are still just as screwed as were before while our Governors play the role of the bedwetters, cowering underneath the sofa. Republicans are still just as spineless as ever, and I don’t believe any amount of primary challenges is ever going to change that. Meanwhile, we get to helplessly witness what is likely the final nail in the coffin of federalism being driven in with such force it will indeed knock all of our socks off.