If there is one thing that ignites a flame of fury deep down inside it’s the self-righteousness with which so-called conservative leaders have disparaged more than half of the population, stuck on the mantra of “the 47%” and “low-information voters” like a needle stuck on a broken record.

If we take a look back through history, however, we can find that some of the 47% comes from the “Bush tax-cuts” that resulted in the most progressive tax code in history by shifting even more of the tax burden from the lower end of the income scale further on up the ladder. Conservatives got the tax policy they wanted, and wanted to make permanent. Now they attack those on the lower end of the income scale for not paying taxes, and attack the beneficiaries of the Bush expansion of the negative income tax that encourages work instead of trapping people in the welfare system. How about some narcissism to go with those tax cuts?

The engineer of that tax policy, or at least the guy who has claimed credit for it, Mr. Glenn Hubbard, was the top economic adviser to Candidate Romney with speculation abounding that he would be the next Secretary of the Treasury if Romney had won the election.  My, how the minds of mainstream conservatives are very small. They can be deceived in many ways and not even notice that the label of “low-information voter” must apply to them.

They don’t notice that elections are about leadership and that disparaging our neighbors isn’t a winning strategy. And they blindly follow these so-called leaders who lie to them nearly as much as Obama does and would gladly give them more of the same things that make them angry and frighten them while attempting to shift the blame to the single-mom waitress who is serving them lunch.