The point of view of this blog is almost entirely political. Much of what I write is meant to be satire, brash and sarcastic views of what I believe to be the truth; although I occasionally post what is intended to be serious, thought-provoking material. It was conceived during a time of once-in-a-lifetime events that were quite uncertain in an economic sense and accompanied by politically trying times complete with wide spread propaganda which I view to have been harmful to our society as a whole finding its way through crisis and doubt. I have steadily placed huge red literary arrows over what I view to be the heart of the problem.

Some may not necessarily be impressed with that or my approach. I understand. It’s the price to be paid for speaking one’s mind, no holds barred, regarding powerful people. I am not, nor will I ever be apologetic. Nor will I ever offer a reconciliatory olive branch to those whose actions damaged countless people, robbing them of the very things they spent a lifetime building, leaving many jobless, homeless, and hopeless in the name of a need to right when they were very wrong.  Only one thing can ever change my mind regarding this; and that would be a very public mea culpa and a pledge to do whatever it takes to make amends.

I work upstairs from a call center, a concentration of folks who are working a stress-filled job for very little pay. I have had occasion to converse with many of them. Some are more private people, but there are a few I have become acquainted with, and they have shared their stories with me. Some are young. Some are my age. But nearly all of them I have some knowledge of beyond their names have told me something about how they ended up where they are. They took this job because it was there and they needed something. Many say they are still struggling. One younger girl said she’s moving back home because she just can’t make it on her own. We shared stories of what it’s like to try to fit eating in with all the other necessities with very little money. I hope that some of what I learned while going through that experience will be helpful tips for trying times.

I lived most of my adult life in an upper middle-class lifestyle. It was not easy to learn how to survive on one income that is just below median. Just when you think you’ve cut back almost to the bone, you find more ways to economize and make each dollar stretch a little farther. But sometimes, one can end up with just too much month left at the end of the money. It’s a terrifying and very stressful experience.

I have to say that the more I heard, the more upset I became about what know of the generalities of why our economy is still very bad. I got very lucky to have found my light at the end of the tunnel, but it is still very dark for many.

This blog is one way that I use to feel less helpless to do anything at all. It is probably more like just a delusion, while not really helping at all. But there is no way I can just sit back and allow this to go on without doing or saying anything at all.

Just a small update:

(-4.0% -2.0%) + (-0.6%*4) = -8.4%

8.4% / (2.5% – 2.0%) =  16.8

Guess what this calculation is about.

Hint: How long will it take to…. the 5-10 – 15 yr. bond markets are pretty accurate.