A lady I met at work told me that as she stuck out her hand to show me a large hole between the fingers of her knitted gloves. “$3.99 and this is what I got. I just bought them and I can’t afford to get more.”

We had a snap of very cold weather last week. It was in the single digits for the day time highs. And today, it is 22°F, balmy in comparison.

As she was telling me about her gloves, I looked down at my leather gloves, a pair I bought several years ago, and I didn’t know how to reply.  We were outside the building. She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt over a regular sweatshirt and sweatpants with sneakers. I still have two wool coats that I also bought years ago that are in good shape.  I was wearing my long one that is black and has a hood with faux fur trim, which I had flipped on top of my head. It is a very nice coat with cuffed sleeves and my dark red leather gloves provide a nice contrast.

I noticed when she stuck out her gloved hand that the gloves were the kind that have a special finger tip on the index finger so that one can operate a device with a touch-screen while wearing them. But she didn’t have one of those.

I don’t even know her name. I thought that I could understand how life is for her, but now I don’t think so. As I spoke with her, my recent past went flashing through my mind; and as bad as things seemed for me, I never had to worry about frostbite. My outerwear is old, especially my winter boots; but at least I have it. I have been very lucky these last several years even though money was very tight. But I felt very isolated and alone.

I’ve thought about the many pairs of gloves I have since I spoke with her. I think I will give her one. I can only wear one pair at a time, and she can use them more than I would ever need them.

PS: I am looking for a good political blog (one or more) to add to my blog roll. I had one up there at one point, but was disappointed in the information that was presented and took it down. Actually, in addition, the owner of the blog is an egomaniac and insulted me personally; so I didn’t feel especially comfortable directing traffic to his site. If you know of any good ones that accept the Market Monetarist view of monetary issues, I would be happy to paste ’em up.