I wish I had something witty to say regarding the State of the Union Address, but I really don’t. It was more of the same BS warmed over with at least the first three sentences being total falsehood. I lost interest there and didn’t pay any attention to the rest; although I heard it.

And I am not picking on Obama here. While I don’t like him at all, he’s not much different than the rest of them. They look down on average people and treat us like unknowing idiots. I can’t really judge myself, but maybe they are right to some extent. Even if they are, however, I have to do my duty and inform them that they came from the same place as everyone else – there is as much special about each politician as there is about Snookie.

It’s a sad predicament. But there’s really nothing more I can do. Waving a sign or Gadsden flag around does nothing to impact the situation; so I stopped doing it a while ago. Blogging doesn’t seem to help much either because people want to read what they want to be told, not the truth. And I just can’t see myself being the Snookie of political blogging.  It’s quite unnatural.

I guess what I’m learning now, as I’ve never paid much attention, is that most people are not very thoughtful. I walk a very tight rope here because I think it’s really just the mindset, thought processes they engage in, instead of a lack of intelligence. It’s like me at work, happy that to get out the technical documentation that walks me through process x so I don’t have to do the work to relearn it; that way I have more time for blogging. Perhaps people just don’t realize the seriousness of the trouble our bureaucracy gets us into – or that politicians don’t have much control over it – one way or the other. We don’t know there’s a problem until it’s too late. And even so, the people who can impact the situation don’t care what happens to the rest of us – they are too busy looking out for number one.

This is a pretty pessimistic post and I didn’t intend to start out that way.  But it’s about the size of my attitude at the present… whatever.