I’ve been buried under a pile of work lately; so much so that I need to have a little fun before I go insane. And I was browsing this conservative political blog, looking at all the walking contradiction social conservatives talking about how Obama has trampled all over the Constitution, and how he’s grown government, etc… you know the average kinds of griping.

It’s not that I like Obama’s vision for the government. I detest big government anything from big government economic planning and interference in markets, to the kinds of things these people want to use government for – to attack ordinary individuals in the most personal of ways, right down to family life and personal behavior that the Federal Government was never given authority over. They drive me up a wall more than socialist liberals do.

In my eyes anyway, elections are about leadership. Influencing the behavior of other is about leadership, the kind we don’t need government for. It’s about living by example, not screaming and whining that no one is following, so they take the cowardly road and try to use the force of law to govern over people’s lives instead.

I remember getting into a heated debate with a SoCon who told me I was still married to my ex, and I was an adulteress with my second husband. Ok so I pull my bible out and start throwing scriptures at him, especially in Matthew where, in red letters (I have a red letter bible) it says ‘except for reasons of fornication’. My first husband was a drunk. He didn’t care if he worked, and got fired when he did. We had a daughter to think about; our family to think about, and all he could do was think about himself. He did all kinds of things to me and to our daughter; no violence, but plenty of things I can’t put in print and much of it included other women.

So this guys says “Well, you can leave but you can’t get remarried or have boyfriends”. Ok so I have a young daughter. I am all by myself with this broken family and broken life, having been devastated by a narcissistic drunk, barely getting by. I meet a wonderful man who wants to be a dad, wants a family, and wants to be with me. He just came out of nowhere too. We met the week after Valentine’s Day in 1994. We were married in July of that year and we have been together ever since.  It was never the huge, passionate, whirlwind kind of romance, either. We’ve had our moments, but we really just go very well together – like we belong together. He was the dad my daughter never had. He was a good role model for my daughter too, would never be found messing around, always came home to us – and only us.

My ex couldn’t wait to get away from us and wild horses couldn’t pull my second husband away.

There is something very wrong with a philosophy that says young women who end up married to louses like my ex should go live the life of a widow, teetering on the edge, dragging the kids through that because their sperm donor wants nothing to do with them and is nothing but malicious and agenda-driven when he does. And there is something even more wrong with it when they want to use government to enforce that kind of thinking while decrying fatherless children, no less.

No thanks. I would take ten Obamas, all in succession, before I would vote for anyone like them – it just doesn’t make any sense at all.