is reporting that an agreement has been reached between the AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce on the details of immigration reform, all nicely brokered by Chuck Schumer of New York. Under the deal, guest worker permits would be capped between 10,000 and 200,000 per year, and wages paid to workers coming into the US under the program would be regulated by the Department of Labor.

Did you know that there currently are 200,000 temporary work visas available each year? I am working on a multi-vendor project at work that utilizes them and I got a crash course in how they work as background information when starting the project. There is very little changing here if considering the maximum of the proposal of 200,000 visas. In fact it would seem like reducing that cap to 10,000 is going in the opposite direction.  But we knew would this happen, or at least I did when I wrote this post.

Since when do Mr. Trumpka and the AFL-CIO represent average Joe? Never mind that the reason we have the degree of lawlessness on the southern border and we have an irrational system of entry is because the caps are completely incoherent with demand for both the labor and the ability to migrate to the US. The caps are unenforceable and Mr. Trumpka is not preventing impact on wages which he is seeking, but rather is perpetuating the current state of misery for everyone directly impacted by the problem of an antiquated, protectionist immigration regime.

Nothing is going to change with this deal except that people who are already here will be able to come out of the shadows. But just those people. The new ones who will come, and there will be plenty more, will have the same problem these other people now have – and we will be right back here, in the same predicament a decade or so from now.

So much for immigration reform. It is nothing but amnesty in disguise.