Government has no place in the very personal relationship and institution of marriage. When we give that to government instead of leaving it to the church where it belongs, government gets to make it whatever it wants and social deviants use to it mock God with the government’s blessing.

The Supreme Court should do us all a favor and strike down all marriage laws, finding that the constitution does not grant government the power to regulate the institution; it’s a 1st amendment and personal liberty issue. Give it back to the church and the people; and let society regulate itself as it was during at least the first half of the nation’s existence.

With that said, another spin is that laws don’t change the behavior of people when it comes to personal relationships. They live with whomever they wish anyway. There will be no material difference in the dynamics of society regardless of how the Court may rule. Therefore, I am rather indifferent to possible outcomes. The only exception that makes this fun is seeing the so-cons who want government to interfere to force their mold on society end up in a tizzy as the left sticks another monkey wrench in their designs. Really, I think they deserve it.