Becky Hargrove sent me an article written by a gentleman who, like me, has feeling of detachment from the conservative movement. It’s a good article, but it seems to be missing a certain something. It’s almost as if the author is saying that he’s put off by the fury, but he doesn’t necessarily say it straight out.

On my part, I am not put off by the fury – at least when it seemed productive.  The way I see it, when Democrats gained both the Presidency and super majorities in both houses of Congress, they forgot that they were governing for everyone, not just themselves. They acted like starving kids at an all-you can-eat buffet, passing a smorgasbord of big government left fantasy legislation; and didn’t even try to be reasonable. And of course, winning wasn’t enough for them. They continued to beat the dead horse, talking about racism, misogyny, bitter clingers, blaming conservatives for nearly everything bad in the world in very public and demeaning ways.

Considering all of this, I am in no way offended by Sarah Palin drinking a Big Gulp during her CPAC speech. We should all go grab a Big Gulp and dance in the streets with them, taking the kids and have them dance right along with us with their Happy Meal toys clutched in their hands.

I never left the conservative movement. I just happened to notice that it left me. I am still as much a Reaganite as I was in 2006. The problem is, however, that the conservative movement no longer subscribes to Reaganism, a philosophy that puts economic and political freedoms at the top of the pyramid. The first place not-Romney in the primary season, Rick Santorum, is certainly no Reagan. The best man for the job, one of the only Reaganites left in the party that Bush wasn’t able run off, Gingrich, got trashed and snubbed because of problems with his personal relationships – and these people claim to care about the financial and economic health of the country. No, I don’t think they do.

In fact, I don’t really know what they care about anymore. The world of conservatism has changed so dramatically, I no longer recognize it. It seems to be a collection of fiercely defended cultural beliefs, with very little intellectual power behind it. They don’t even remember Milton Friedman; and it matters not that he was the intellectual heart of the Reagan administration. They have taken a huge piss on MV=PY, QTM, and poor Friedman’s grave while the country is mired in a monetary tragedy.

They send out minions who profess that bubbles are a problem and the Fed should make money even tighter because they simply cannot trust people to do what they will with their own money. They accuse everyone who lost their jobs because the Fed let NGDP fall through the floor and inflation turn negative of using their homes as ATMs and living high on the hog, not caring if that is indeed the truth.

No Reaganite conservative would ever try to sell the snake oil that economic freedom is such a terrible thing that government should see to it that everyone is poor because they might do the wrong things if they had money. Nor would they call victims of the monetary tragedy moochers, or insult the majority of the country by calling them “low information voters” over sour grapes.

Whatever the conservative movement has become, it is entirely ugly and I really want nothing to do with it. It’s why I am now on my own and I feel much more at peace without it.

HT: Becky Hargrove