I’ve been called many things, but today is first for “dubious.”

According to the Bing dictionary, “dubious” means:


  1. unsure about outcome: not sure about an outcome or conclusion
  2. possibly dishonest or immoral: likely to be dishonest, untrustworthy, or morally worrisome in some way
  3. of uncertain quality: of uncertain quality, intention, or appropriateness

The only things about which anyone can ever be sure are death and taxes.

I don’t guarantee any of my hypotheses, conjecture, or musings.  I think things over, put them down on “paper” in skeletal form and rarely put meat on the bones.  I save that for people who might be interested in my ideas and know how to present them in a more thoughtful form. I could be way out in the weeds. I might hit the bull’s-eye. Either way, however, I consider myself as having positively contributed to public debate if I stimulate thought past the superficially plausible explanations we hear so often. And I believe I have succeed in that more often than I realize.

So yes, the things I post here are of uncertain quality. But dishonest, immoral or ill intent I would have to quibble with. I have a very lucid sense of right and wrong; and I am quite genuine in my desire to help make this a much nicer world to live in – for everyone.

I say rather outlandish things here that you won’t find on more respectable and professional blogs. The ability to do that is one of the reasons I started my own blog; so I could say whatever I feel needs to be said without having to necessarily worry about social graces, being censored, or having it taken out on me in other ways. I never intended to actually have readers or followers (although they are very much appreciated); I wanted a place for a chronicle of my ideas, practice my writing skills, and to vent frustrations of various kinds, most of it having to do with a long period of unemployment and talking heads that cause more harm to society than good.

I like to think big thoughts and toss them all against the wall to see what sticks. Some ideas are worth pursuing, although my previous employer drained out nearly all of that part of me as I experienced a figurative feeling of being cut adrift and left for dead. No good deed ever goes unpunished.

And so that’s what you will find here – ideas all perhaps of dubious nature that I have not the mental wherewithal to pursue.