I bought one of those LED light bulbs today and put it in my lamp in the family room. It’s the first one I’ve ever had; and so I have some interest in it, at least for today.

 It has an interesting appearance, mostly white translucent plastic in the shape of a regular light bulb; and it has some opaque white plastic, what I assume to be vents. There are three of the vent-like apparatuses around the base bulb.

I can’t tell for sure, but it is emitting mostly white light. It looks very yellow on the wall, with just a hint of green. I think the color might be coming from the shade that is cream brocade satin.

I like it; only it isn’t quite bright enough. I bought the one that is supposedly equivalent to a 60w incandescent. But it looks more like in the area of 40 watts. I think I can live with it though. I’ll have to because it says on the box that it can be expected to last 22 years if it is on 3 hours per day. I am sure the lamp that it is in gets used far less than that. I will be quite old by the time it needs to be changed if what’s on the box is an honest representation of how long it can be expected to last.

It would be nice to find some of these with a candelabra base. I have a post lamp outside that we have to replace the bulbs in about once per year, even though we buy the extended life bulbs. The only other kinds of bulbs I have been able to find that will fit are mini curly bulbs and those look awful; not to mention the light from them reminds me too much of a hospital. I am just not ready to take the plunge into curlicue hospital-light land.

I have a couple of the curlicue bulbs; and I hate them. One of them was sent courtesy of the taxpayers. The other one is one I bought because I needed a bulb for a lamp that was given to me as a gift and there weren’t any other options at the store I was in. The lamp takes two bulbs; and I put both of the curly bulbs in it. As it turned out, the “free” one is very dim. It is so dim that the light it emits is yellow. The other bulb that I bought is much brighter; so much brighter that the light it emits is bluish-white with a very low frequency. I can see it flicker, kind of like a very cheap computer monitor. Even so, with the brighter bulb, when they are both on, it is still rather dim in the area of the lamp even with a mostly sheer white shade.

I think I will just skip the curly ones and go straight to the LEDs as I need to replace bulbs; and perhaps I can avoid becoming mentally disturbed by bluish-white light that is still dim everywhere in the house altogether. Of course that means I can also avoid mercury poisoning too, which is a big plus.

Just in case you thought my rebel streak might have narrowed some, I am happy to report that I bought a case of 100 watt incandescent bulbs just before they were discontinued. Those are still the go-to bulbs for reading, no question about it. And who knows, perhaps a few years from now, I’ll be one of the ones rounded up by the green police for possession of contraband after having been caught cuddled up in my Snuggie with a good book.