I can’t help it. I’m a political junkie, through and though. Since I abandoned the GOP and most of the organizations I had previously involved myself with, I’ve been left with a void; and I’m becoming rather bored. So, I decided to shop around for a like-minded organization I would feel comfortable with. I thought surely, there has to be a place where I’d fit in and not have to listen to people drum on about canning the Fed, hyperinflation and the gold standard.

Today I received an email from an organization called Voter’s Trust. It sounded appealing and I dug a little deeper to see who’s behind it. The parent organization is Citizens Outreach based in Nevada, which is affiliated with the Institute for Liberty. So I went to the website for the Institute for Liberty to see what it’s all about. It looks good on the surface, but when I looked on the blog page, I found this:

IFL: The Apple Sequester Cost Jobs, Puts Americans’ Health Care and Safety at Risk

Posted by: Andrew Langer on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 2:30:00 am

None of us like taxes, but for one of the largest U.S. companies to use schemes and tactics to protect its income from the IRS is unpatriotic, and in the case of Apple, it led to a significant shortfall in government revenues.  Even the most conservative estimates of what Apple sheltered would have brought billions to federal coffers – money that could’ve saved many health and safety programs from Sequester’s chopping block.  Programs like early childhood education through Head Start, public housing support, and health research at NIH all are victims of The Apple Sequester.

Apple is saying that they didn’t skirt the law – and that what they did was within the letter of the law.  Even if that’s true, their actions are profoundly un-American and especially insulting since millions of Americans support their company.

I choked a little bit, partly because this organization backed the Tea Party Express. It’s interesting the things one finds, the contradictions one can uncover just by looking beneath the surface – big government advocates hiding in plain sight.

The cautionary tale here, then, is to check everything before joining or opening your wallet to any political organization that looks good on the surface. There are so many incestuous relationships between them, you never can tell what your money and/or time will end up feeding.

I’m hitting the eject button on Voter’s Trust, and now the search continues…