In his opinion piece of the same title on this week, Ramesh Ponnuru highlights aspects of Rand Paul’s record as a legislator, such as his opposition to the Senate immigration bill and his pandering to so-cons with opposition to same-sex marriage and sponsorship of the Life Begins at Conception Act; and postulates that Paul probably will not be a viable candidate for the Presidency in 2016.

Ponnuru is probably correct in his assertion; although I wish to point out that Ponnuru is likely contributing to the damage by bringing up the political distractions of social and immigration policy in order to disparage Rand Paul instead of using his platform to get the GOP talking about monetary policy in a constructive way. In failing to grasp the gravity of the  economic problems we currently face and the role the GOP has played in that problem, it is no closer to understanding its mistakes and what needs to be done to fix them.

It’s true that for the GOP, the need to become more appealing to the non-ideological body of the electorate is dire; but this article that assumes an overly simple-minded electorate overlooks the need to solve real problems and produce tangible results that neither party can be successful in achieving without out correcting problematic monetary policy.

There are serious contradictions within the Republican Party that need to be resolved, from bubble fear-mongering, inflation Chicken Little’ing and back-ended bashing of economic freedom that have resulted in monumentally negative consequences for millions of ordinary people, with no one having the courage to stand up and correct those mistakes. I don’t expect that Rand Paul will be the guy to do so. He has not said much about monetary policy, but my hunch is that if he is the candidate in 2016, I’ll be supporting someone else. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised, but I am not holding out hope. If he knows these things are wrong and doesn’t try to provide the leadership needed to correct them, he is not my candidate. If he doesn’t understand the inherent contradiction with free market principles in the fear-mongering rhetoric, he’s not smart enough to deserve to be elected the leader of the free world.

We’ve suffered enough from stupidity in the last decade to last a millennium. Ideologues and shrinking violets are the direct cause of the problem, and we wouldn’t solve it by electing more of the same. In fact, my ideal candidate will be a strong leader and firebrand in a positive way, making gravel pits out of idiot bureaucrats. That is what is needed to rescue the GOP, and until then, it will rightly wallow in the mud with the rest of the swine.