I’ve made a couple of posts earlier in the year about the plight of JCPenny Company where I described recent experiences at the retailer that left me feeling nostalgic for days gone by. Those experiences left me feeling annoyed, but my most recent experience over a jewelry purchase has turned annoyance into a nightmare.

My husband bought a beautiful amethyst ring set in sterling silver for my birthday nearly two months ago. After purchasing it in the JC Penny store in Victor, NY, we needed to have it sized and opted to use the Jewelry Care Plan services sold to us with the ring for that service. We were told that it would take a couple of weeks and that we would be notified when the ring was ready to pick up.

After three weeks went by I called to check on my ring. The person in the jewelry department I spoke with kindly pointed out that the estimated delivery date listed on my receipt wasn’t until June 21. It would have been nice if I had been told the exact date before we signed the charge slip because I took their word as an article of faith. But with receipt in front of me, I couldn’t help but agree and left it at that.

Last weekend I went to the store to check on it because when I called, I kept ending up with the men’s department and couldn’t actually talk to anyone in jewelry. My ring wasn’t there. I was told that it would be looked into on Monday and I’d receive a call regarding the status of the ring regardless. No one called. So I called again today and was informed that something happened to it during sizing and it needs to be replaced.

Penny’s has taken another ring out of stock and placed it on hold until the firm it was sent to for sizing completes all the paperwork for what they term as a “buy-out.” Meanwhile I am out a couple hundred dollars with nothing to show for it and no ETA. They have been very apologetic and treated me with respect in my interactions with them regarding this matter, but that is all while I’ve been left feeling like the entire burden of this situation has been placed on me, the customer – or should I say former customer.

From my perspective, the dire situation in which the retailer has found itself really is no mystery at all. It doesn’t really matter how low their prices are, how many big sales they have, or sweetening discounts they offer.  If they leave customers with the impression that their money and time isn’t of primary value and concern, they will get nowhere. We don’t like being treated like cattle as if Penny’s is entitled to our patronage – because it simply isn’t.