This video (link below) was posted in my news feed on Facebook with the caption saying something to effect that Obama called in riot police on a peaceful vets demonstration near the White House.

It’s undeniable that police in riot gear were there. But at about 2:24 in the video, we get a close look at the patch on the jacket of one of the officers, and it was clearly DC Metro Police, not Capitol Police. It’s also interesting that some of them were not in riot gear at all. About half of them are wearing windbreakers and cyclist helmets, menacing the protesters with nightsticks in an obvious statement of some sort rather than having anything to do with public safety.  As if these police would show up to a real riot wearing windbreakers and bicycle helmets… I think not.

Toward the end of approximately five minute video, it appears that the commander of the little detachment thought better of its presence and decided to leave. Kudos to him, whoever he may be.