I’m too giddy for blogging after receiving some exciting news about my job. Starting January I’ll be a classification higher, a promotion of sorts, and will be working engineering projects independently. Of course my boss decided to wait tell me until after I had completed a task he gave me to repair our development directory that required some risky procedures, during which I did a great deal of holding my breath, hoping not to hear customers screaming (meaning it would have been time for the “Oh, #$!@%” button). But all turned out well for the customers and me. J

So right before I left work I had a separate near calamity. My smartphone had fallen out of my purse while I was in my car at lunchtime. I usually check to be sure I have all my things with me before I leave and noticed it missing. And that was when my boss came to my cube with the great news. I was so focused on the missing smartphone that I barely heard what he said. His words didn’t sink in until I got home. I suppose there is still plenty of time to express gratitude; I really didn’t mean to be like, “whatever…”

It’s been a mixed month of low lows and highs. Granny passed away two weeks ago tomorrow. She was 94 and kept her wits about her until breathing her last. She welcomed me and my daughter into the family and treated us as if we were her own. She introduced me to her friends as her granddaughter even though I am only as much as marriage to her grandson would imply. She was very happy when I was finally able to find a new job, and I think she would have been very proud that I have done so well in it in such a short period of time. It feels very strange to not be able to share the news with her as I always did; she was usually the first person I told when I had good news to share. It was very hard to say good-bye and even harder to have to accept her absence. I miss her very much.

And thus, with Granny’s illness, a sort of distraction and diversion from important topics of the day over the last few months. I would say that I’ll be back to my old self soon, but perhaps that isn’t really what I want. I want to be better, more patient and less brash… Well, I can hope… can’t I?