I saw this story on Bloomberg.com about Christie handing Gingrich the business, calling him “the worst human being he had ever met in politics,” and it seems rather puzzling. It’s not like Gingrich is a political threat of any kind – he’s done. Maybe it’s just a problem of Christie being the latest Bush Family adoptee while Gingrich is what seems like the remaining high profile Reaganite in the party who is willing to be in the same room with big-government-loving Bushies. Never mind that Christie’s political paymaster Bush worked the party over, leaving one of the largest economic disasters in generations and fewer Republicans in congress than I can remember behind. And Gingrich is the worst person in the world? I’d say not by a longshot. People living in glass houses should not throw stones.

By the way, Scott Sumner had a post yesterday regarding his results on the political party quiz at the isidewith.com website.

I took it out of curiosity and I got:

Libertarian 76% on economic, domestic, foreign and immigration issues

GOP 64% on environmental and social issues

Green 11% on foreign issues

Democrats 11% on social issues

Socialist 6% on no major issues

I am not surprised by the Libertarian results. But I am surprised that I scored 64% for the GOP on social issues. That test must be rigged because I don’t particularly care about social issues, except that busybodies should mind their own business instead of using government mind everyone else’s, while that seems to be the only thing that makes the GOP tick these days. No, thanks.