I awoke this morning to find about a foot of heavy wet snow covering everything, including my car. The top layer of the newly fallen snow had frozen forming a tough outer shell making it a feat of strength to clean off the car so I could go to work. Even though my driveway was a mess, the roads were clean. They had even started to dry. The operators get up early when it snows to clean up the roads so that we commuters can have a safe trip. They are the heroes today, and I am happy we have them.

Tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving Day since I became reemployed after a very long bout of unemployment. My husband and I were discussing our plans for tomorrow a few days ago when we got onto the topic of Thanksgiving Day last year. I have to admit that I almost forgotten the circumstances, as we had to scrip on groceries all the month before and the weeks prior to the holiday to be able to host the feast. We did not know it was going to be Granny’s last Thanksgiving, and no one at our table knew just how dire our financial situation had become – which is the way we wanted it. We wanted to just enjoy the day and the company as there was very little enjoyment to be had when every day had become a struggle. It could have been much worse and we never lost sight of that fact; thus we had much for which to be thankful.

I also have to admit that this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that the financial struggle is over – and I won. But now that I can easily host a feast without cutting corners, there is no company to be had. Granny is with the Lord. My mother-in-law is exhausted physically and emotionally from Granny’s passing; and so our family will only be with us in our thoughts. My house will be quiet. But I think I will enjoy that too as I curl up in my Snuggie next to the fireplace with the new book I am reading. I will be by a big window so that I can watch the snowflakes silently drift down, swirling in the brisk breeze as they make their way to their final resting places should I take a pause from reading. I’ll be surrounded by the aroma of the turkey roasting, and next to me on the end table will be a steamy cup of coffee. What a day it will be!

This will be a short blog post tonight. I am taking a breather from figuratively having my way with central bankers and financial reporters. The time to ignore all of the economic and political troubles of the world for a day starts now. I’d like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving – and try to forget your troubles for the day. You’ll be glad you did.