The previews of the State of the Union Address and associated hype were unimpressive and I decided to sit it out. Perhaps I’d be more interested in the topic of inequality if such a nebulous term weren’t brandished about as an excuse to levy more economic damage and to stoke more division without addressing my un-nebulous term, the real elephant in the room, the Federal Reserve System.

There is no doubt in my mind that tight money for the sake of it achieves nothing for anyone, but puts an even steeper hill to climb in front of aspiring bright minds who lack means. And instead of doing something constructive which would actually help solve the problem of folks being stuck in part time jobs and barely scraping by, the political system does something else instead that makes the problem worse, attacking the supply side of the equation with rather large increases in the minimum wage. Pardon the expression, but it is retarded on steroids.

And in a representative republic, there is nothing worse than a mindless executive who lacks the ability to prioritize with a pen and executive orders that crap all over the representatives of the people in a petty power grab.

The entire thing stinks to high heaven.