It won’t help at all, but I did it anyway.

I received at least two solicitations for donations from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) over the last week. The first one was this one (links and formatting removed):


In 2 days we will close the books on February.

With your immediate support, we will finish the month with the resources to continue standing strong as Americans’ last line of defense in Democrat-controlled Washington.

Bonnie, this is your last chance to give before our crucial end of month deadline.

Please donate $45 or whatever you can right now to make sure we get this money in the door before time runs out.

Every dollar goes towards helping Republicans win elections and mobilizing voters all across the country.

Your support truly matters and I appreciate it.

Thank you,

John Boehner

Speaker of the House

And I replied thus:

With all due respect, I would really like to give, but the Republican Party is in a bigger mess than it was after Eisenhower. I don’t agree with hardline social conservatism, thinking that it runs afoul of the right to pursue happiness.  I also find the hard money liquidationist stance and bubble fear mongering appalling and incompatible with the idea of economic freedom. Perhaps when the party would like to return to Reaganism and the economic ideals of Milton Friedman I will be happy to return with an open wallet. But it shall not be a moment sooner.

Then, I received this (links and formatting removed)::


Last night President Obama met with his campaign arm’s donors and volunteers in Washington.

He called their support of ObamaCare “God’s work,” took shots at Republicans, and rallied support for the months ahead.

Remember, this is the same organization that raised $26 million last year – much of which was spent attacking me and my fellow House Republicans.

In this critical election year you better believe that more smears and misleading attacks are coming. The President knows that retaking the House is key to cementing his liberal legacy.

We need to fight back.

That’s why I am going to personally MATCH every gift House Republicans receive before Friday’s February end of month deadline.

Your gift of $25, $50 or $100 will go twice as far in helping House Republican members and candidates counter the president’s political machine.

Every donation – large or small – makes a big difference.

Thank you,


John Boehner

Speaker of the House

To which I replied:

There are much worse things than ObamaCare, like a central bank that tightens policy during an oil price shock and then wonders why the recession spreads to engulf everything after it sterilizes nearly everything that went out through its discount window programs. It sold nearly all of its asset holdings during the first half of 2008, causing a liquidity crisis in all other markets, foisting the losses in the financial system onto the broader economy which could be translated to Average Joe. Not all inflation is created equal nor has monetary sources and I find it incredibly appalling that headline inflation targeting by the FOMC is not banned due to its impact on employment, which is of far more consequence to prosperity and quality of life than ObamaCare EVER will be.  And not one bureaucrat on the FOMC has ever been held accountable.

There is something terribly wrong with a political party that is so thoroughly obsessed with getting rid of ObamaCare when the most tyrannical tragedy of our times goes seemingly unnoticed, the epic failure of the Federal Reserve to appropriately handle the conduct of monetary policy before, during and after the financial crisis so as to rob millions of people of the fruits of a lifetime of labors and of a basic means of survival, and lay waste to the economic potential of an entire generation of young people who now have to live with their parents instead of making families of their own with the tightest monetary policy since Herbert Hoover was president. If there were only one thing that could ever be set to right, I would choose reform of the Federal Reserve System above all else, preferably with a requirement of NGDP level targeting, even if meant that ObamaCare were left intact. That is how seriously incensed I am regarding the origins of the Great Recession and its impact on the General Welfare.  As much as I hate ObamaCare, it really is small potatoes compared to this.

I know it won’t help, but at least I feel momentarily better to “unload.” Perhaps someday I might find the right person to raise my complaints with. Until then I will have to just pretend its effective if only to comfort myself.

PS: Shortly after my second round of letting them have it, I received a notice that I have been added to their spam filter. Now isn’t that a special “We don’t give a crap.”