After yesterday, that’s exactly how I felt. I make less than I did in 2006 and ended up with an effective tax rate of nearly 20% which is by far more than ever right at the moment when I felt like we were finally starting to dig out of the hole the Great Recession left of our lives. I am beside myself with wonder how I ended up between this rock and the other hard place. We had been saving up to replace our heat pump that went out while I was out of work and to make other repairs on our house and the taxman took the stash. Therefore, I will be plenty reminded of what big government has done for me as I spend yet another summer with no air conditioning in my home contemplating what to do about it. As if five out of the last six years of what life has been like with tight money and unemployment weren’t bad enough, now this added injury. About now, I am feeling quite financially molested and more than equally annoyed with the state of things.

Now, the man called “C,” who has always had a bit of rebellious side but kept it well contained while he was busy living life, was rather upset about being hit by the very same inflation hysterics train that hit the financial system in 2008. He spent his down time learning about history and economics with some of the best economics academics the blogosphere has to offer. He started blogging about everything he learned hoping to spread the knowledge to end the very real human tragedy of tight money, and sometimes participated in political rallies with a passion like never before. As economic conditions started to improve, however, he started feeling better about the outlook for the future and the hard feelings over hard times had started to fade; and his blog posts became something of a rarity out of the feeling it was getting close to time to move on to the next chapter.

But now “C,” the guy that A and B had always decided would do the hard things that others would not, has decided that being left with just enough after the events of the last several years is way more than too much.

I received an invite over the weekend to a Whig rally later this month and I dismissed it. I thought that the time for those things had passed and there really wasn’t much of a purpose. I was feeling pretty tired of being angry about the very difficult hand I was dealt. But when I saw that tax bill, I remembered the anger and all of those political functions I wanted to attend and couldn’t (like Occupy the Fed) because I barely had money enough to eat let alone travel. I remembered very vividly not being able to find a job as the weeks and months melted into years and blurred together, almost like complete worthlessness just waiting for death. I understand I had no business taking that personally, but I am not sure what other humanly possible way there is to take it. I honestly do not know how I lived through it with my civility mostly intact – because now, I am about ready to just simply come unhinged. The entire confiscatory ordeal MUST END and it must end NOW.

I’ve really had all I can stand.