Lars Christensen posted this photo taken of Marcus Nunes, Scott Sumner and himself while at the Adam Smith Institute where Scott Sumner gave a talk. I am anxiously awaiting the video of the talk as I am sure it will not disappoint.

To me, this is probably the best picture yet taken as it captures in a single image a new generation of intellectual greats in the field of macroeconomics and the fathers of Market Monetarism.

My first inclination was to crop it up and post it on my banner (move over ‘Uncle Milty’). But I thought better of it for the moment as to not seem presumptuous. My analysis of economic issues tends to be on the side on intense and it is not my wish to have them associated with things I may write that, while appearing true enough to me, do not fall within the bounds of civil debate; though I am and have always been an independent actor. So, for now, I am simply posting it in a blog post. When I feel the time is right for me to return to disciplined debate, the banner is where it will go.