There has been some debate about the child immigrant crisis on the southern border of the US. According to a Bloomberg article there are currently about 57,000 unaccompanied children waiting to be processed for deportation while there were only half as many as at this time last year or any year since. Many are being kept in warehouses, or refugee-style camps as they await processing. This is a difficult situation because on the one hand, these children are either abandoned or runaways. On the other, they aren’t citizens, just showing up in the US from elsewhere.

They are, however, children nonetheless. To me, it really doesn’t matter if they are citizens or not. If they are abandoned, we should do with them the same thing we do with other abandoned children, lest we start checking documents of all children we find abandoned and send them wherever if they have none. I can just imagine them asking a 10 year-old for his passport. We should do likewise with runaways.

I am quite shocked at the lack of humanity of the opposition concerning the abandoned, especially when there are families all across the nation who pay tens of thousands of dollars per child to adopt foreign children each year. There are people in the US who likely would want these kids to love as their own. But instead, they say send these kids back for corrupt, dysfunctional and sometimes violent governments to deal with. Really?

This is a huge mess that, in my opinion, is caused by the untenable mountains of regulation regarding immigration. The opposition says we can’t absorb everyone’s orphans. They have a point. We probably can’t over the long of even medium run. But it would be much more tenable if these kids could escape hopelessness and tyranny with their folks. For me at least, it wouldn’t be easy giving up a child (the thought of which makes the study of the social history of the Great Depression particularly heartbreaking). And one has to consider just how bad things have to get for mothers to do it. But we have these quotas that are incoherent with the demand for cheap labor. We have this minimum wage (so that when these people come here anyway, they are subject to whatever kind of abuse from slavery to sexual trafficking that comes with illegal labor). We have the selection process. We have to be able to just close our eyes and turn our backs on the human condition as we complain about sub-2% inflation, ignoring that these regulations are about as effective as prohibition and we get all the so-called bad effects regardless. Perhaps the opponents never read the story about the “why” of the Louisiana Purchase, or about how today, there are still many parts of the US that are sparsely (scarcely, rather) populated. We do have room for immigration. Only the people who believe in economics as a zero sum game  can’t possibly imagine what we’d do with them when in reality, we’ve been dealing with them, only in a highly chaotic way.

I am for letting these people come here legally, mom, dad and kids. But as I’ve outlined in previous posts, instead of the heap of chaos we now have, there are ways we can have order, so I won’t belabor those points. I just wish that some time soon we wake up and smell the java and finally decide to rationally deal with the problem.