I am catching up to some things I missed while focused on my day job and I finally watched Marco Rubio’s Presidential candidacy announcement speech that was given on April 13, 2015. It’s very good.

I didn’t watch it out of wandering curiosity, though. I made a point of it on my to-do list because I’ve heard some rumors about Mr. Rubio that are more than encouraging. For instance, Ramesh Ponnuru, an astoundingly clever economist who leans toward the market monetarist persuasion, is on Rubio’s economic team and was a principal author of his keystone economic plan. Rubio’s also been acquiring former Romney staffers and influential supporters from inside the party. This guy is seriously into this in a way that isn’t about promising rich guys Federal posts regardless of their abilities in order to tap into their cash. He has gathered up real brains for his campaign lending to an appearance, at least on the surface, that he is actually interested in what happens to the rest of us. It’s been a very long time since we’ve had governance toward the general welfare, and we desperately need it.