I haven’t seen any official details of the deal put together by six world powers, including the US, and Iran to supposedly limit Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear bomb. I have, however, read reports about some details on Reuters.

But don’t have to have seen all of the details of the deal to be puzzled by the intense opposition toward it by congressional Republicans given that, what I have seen of it, it includes plenty of not necessarily trust, but lots of verification. Iran has been isolated for decades, which only intensified over the last few years. And it was enough to finally bring them to the table. I think I have to agree with the President that there isn’t any other alternative to dealing with Iran but force; and I’d really rather not go that route. Things would get an awful lot harder before they get better. Just look at Iraq.

In general, I don’t have much faith that sanctions work. But if we’re going to impose sanctions on a regime in an effort to influence its behavior, it seems that we should, if they are going to work, allow them to work. There has to be a way out if the regime decides to cooperate. Which, for the time being, it appears that the Iranian regime has.

I was amazed at the celebratory environment in Iran as the news about the deal broke. It looked like the deal is a positive and constructive step toward thawing out relations with the Iranian people. They were celebrating the prospect to rejoin the global economy and no longer be referred to as a threat. I can’t think of a much better result or a much better way to bring calm to at least that one part of the Middle East than to do carry on economic relations with the willing. I am tired of the bastions of bubbling and churning hate while we do nothing but present sides of ourselves that are worthy of it. If we want peace, we have to offer it in return.

I don’t have a crystal ball. So I have no idea how the deal will turn out in the long run. But if we have an opportunity for peace and exchange of good will, we should at least try it and see how it goes.

I support the deal.