Donald Trump embarrasses me. Not because I ever said anything in his favor. I haven’t. But because I called Jeb Bush a gaffe machine and Donald Trump makes Jeb Bush look like the God of political correctness. Although, I have to admit, about 14 years ago I found Trump’s then rhetoric appealing and considered supporting him in his political aspirations.

But of course nothing is the same as it was even as few as 6 year ago, at least for me. Back then, I used to listen to conservatives on talk radio and sympathize with 80% of what they were talking about. Now, I find myself agreeing or sympathizing with very little. I am positive that watching me listen to them on the radio on my way to or from work is entertaining for those who happen to be sharing road with me. Here is this woman driving down the road screaming at nobody…

Anyway, it seems that Donald Trump had some not so flattering things to say about John McCain. I didn’t read it. I saw the video in which he disparaged John McCain in a way that was really despicable. He said something to effect that the only reason McCain is considered a war hero is because he got captured; and he only likes the guys who didn’t get captured.

I don’t intend to argue whether McCain is or isn’t a war “hero.” But McCain’s plane was shot down behind enemy lines and he was severely injured in the resulting crash. In addition to that, he happened to land in a densely populated area. The local townsfolk were the first to arrive at the scene and took turns beating his already severely injured body with farm implements or whatever they could lay their hands on to beat him with. It was a miracle that he survived because once he was recovered by the Viet Cong, they failed to provide him adequate treatment which left him crippled. So if you’ve ever wondered why McCain looks so stiff and moves like a robot, this is why.

During his detention, McCain was several times ordered by his captors to sign documents renouncing the US government. He refused each time. And each time he refused, they beat and tortured him. When McCain’s captors learned that he was an Admiral’s son, they offered to release him and McCain refused to be released until the rest of his comrades were also released.

At the very least, perhaps Donald Trump would like to explain how easy or difficult it might be to evade capture with a broken and subsequently beaten body, or how lack of escape under the circumstances might be deserving of disparagement, especially from someone who managed to dodge the draft with deferrals.

Of course, whether he can explain his remarks or not now probably makes very little difference. According to the RNC rules, a candidate must receive a plurality of delegates in eight states in order to put his name in for nomination. Given that there is no winner take all except in the case that candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, and the large number of candidates in the race, it is very likely that many deals will have to be struck to get anyone’s name in for nomination. It means that party bosses will basically decide the nominee, and Trump has probably destroyed any hope of being included unless he gets more than 50% of the vote in eight states. The only purpose of him staying in the primary race after this is to create trouble.

My disclaimer: I supported McCain in the 2000 primaries. But not because he’s a “war hero,” or because I particularly liked him, though I met him afterward and he is very personable. It was because I didn’t like GW; and to this day I regret the outcome.