Who would have ever thought Obama is a closet free-trader? Bloomberg reported yesterday morning on Surveillance that during his trip, Obama will be offering African countries the ability to import goods to the United States duty-free.

The essence of the deals was mentioned very briefly at the tail end of general report about Obama’s trip. But I haven’t been able to verify the report against anything in print thus far. If true, it seems to be a positive development. Though I am skeptical of the validity of the report given the absence of outrage from the more labor-oriented wing of the Democrat Party.

Instead, at least one labor group appears to be fixated on disseminating propaganda against the H-2 visa “Guest Worker” program, citing employers’ rampant abuse of guest workers amounting to slavery amid intimidation that includes harassment and threats of deportation. I am not sure why I bothered to read it, but I quickly lost interest for obvious reasons when I got to this paragraph:

“We live where we work, and we can’t leave,” said Olivia Guzman Garfias, who has been coming to Louisiana as a guest worker from her small town in Mexico since 1997. “We are tied to the company. Our visas are in the company’s name. If the pay and working conditions aren’t as we wish, who can we complain to? We are like modern-day slaves.”