It’s a good thing this speaks for itself because well… It breaks one of my personal rules of thumb. If I wouldn’t want to hear my kid saying it, I probably shouldn’t be saying it either. These people must have been raised in caves. And of course this sort of sentiment is just the tip of the iceberg. It actually isn’t the worst I’ve seen from this group. Recently I tried making a video collage of snippets I’ve skimmed off the group and I hope to have it up here as soon as I get posting Facebook videos worked out for any social scientists who may be lurking and are interested in studying when crowds go mad. My sympathies to Jeb and his wife.

By the way, if you know what a RINO is, you’re probably well aware of the degree of ignorance on display. If you don’t know what a RINO is, just think of Trump’s position on gun control, ObamaCare, labor, abortion, taxes, trade, etc… and there you have it. I would say he certainly out-RINO’s Jeb by miles.


Update: Who would have ever thought that Trumpka would agree with me on anything?