Doing a short post tonight about social irresponsibility.

What brought this to mind was an article on CNBC about the president-“elect” of the St. Louis Minneapolis, Mr. Kashkari’s views on monetary policy where he described QE as a morphine drip. Besides inspiring clenched teeth, it reminded me of other instances social irresponsibility that can be characterized as “horrifying.”

Things like walking into to a crowded theater and screaming fire. Or a presidential candidate disparaging illegal immigrants as rapists and murders.

To me, these are all examples of irresponsible and unethical behavior because they all create severe impact on unknown amounts of innocent victims at large.

Mr. Kashkari’s remarks were quite far from necessary, and they are not particularly entertaining except in conveyance that of the size of his intellect must equal the head of a pin, or that he is highly unqualified for the post being bestowed upon him.

It would have been far more appropriate for the members of the board of the St. Louis Minneapolis Fed to “elect” a president who does not have a traceable history of social irresponsibility and unethical behavior, and who does not resort to sophomoric displays of need for attention as the available information about Kashkari reveals.

What were they thinking?

[Update] Thanks to Marcus, I’ve corrected the location name of the regional Fed that elected Kashkari. My passions got the best of me. *blush*

By the way, after the tsunami of hawks “elected” to the presidencies of the regional branches in an era of hawk obsolescence, they all seem alike and as useless as any other.