The El Nino weather effects that were here in Western NY appear to have dissipated. But the absence of posts isn’t an indicator that I have gone into hibernation for the winter. I actually ditched the year-in-review idea. It’s easy enough to rehash the year on my blog by selecting the date category links. I’d rather move forward, headlong into the New Year if need be.

I’ve been working on an idea to have some datasets that can put some meat on the bone of the negative liquidity effect from the Fed’s price-fixing antics. Watching the report on 10-yr Treasuries on Surveillance this morning, I thought I might have enough to start the conversation the way I wanted to start it. But once I had the post all written up, I went to get the data and a broad look at it shows that isn’t bearing the fruit I expected quite yet. I need to wait a little longer to be sure about what I am saying.

So, for lack of a better topic that I just can’t resist while I am on-call all month, I am watching and waiting to spring it once I have the data to back it up.