This from Reuters Breaking News section:

Bernie Sanders may have just found his Federal Reserve chairman. The presidential candidate and self-declared democratic socialist has long wanted to break up America’s largest banks. So does new Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, a Republican and former Goldman Sachs banker who worked on the Treasury’s bailout of troubled financial institutions during the 2008 crisis. This meeting of the minds across the political divide should keep Wall Street on its toes.

This is bad. Really. Bernie Sanders has some cooked up claims that his economic plan will produce 5 percent plus GDP growth, and I have my doubts Kashkari can deliver (my blog posts about him here and here). In fact, it appears to me that he just might break a lot more than the banks… Excuse me, I meant to say break up….

You be the judge.

If the election comes down to Trump and Sanders, perhaps I shall join United Technologies in using pesos.