Some things in life are far more personal than they are political. This article on NewsMax explains why Chris Christie took the plunge for Trump after suspending his presidential campaign.

Christie came out strong against the Florida senator, attacking him before and during a party debate by calling him shallow and scripted, reports The New York Times. However, Christie lost the Granite State after a pro-Rubio group, Conservative Solutions, released advertising bashing Christie as being President Barack Obama’s “favorite Republican” and attacked him for his stances on Common Core and Obamacare.

And after losing the race, the call came from Rubio.

In his voicemail, the junior Florida senator sought Christie’s support and assured him that he still had a bright future in public service — and Christie didn’t appreciate the words, sources close to the governor said.

Instead, Christie, 53, took the message to be patronizing and deeply disrespectful, and wanted to know why 44-year-old Rubio would be telling him about his future, and he two politicians never held a direct conversation.

But Trump was more persistent, reports The Times. He had been calling Christie frequently once he was no longer a rival for the party crown, and on Thursday, the two met at Trump Tower in New York City with their wives. One day later, Christie was in Texas, endorsing Trump while mocking Rubio.

Christie is proud. He isn’t a coward or crazy.