There been tons of criticism of Donald Trump, some I agree with, and some, like Nazi and fascist comparisons I find premature at best. Trump certainly invites much of the criticism and bears the responsibility to defend himself. I won’t be doing that here.

But I have listened to what he has to say, as hard as it was with his meandering through topics while he is speaking. And if I could offer criticism that I think is fair, it’s the angry tough guy talk that is the real problem.

Running for election to be the nation’s executive, promising to enforce immigration law is not really the problem. For those who have a disagreement with the results that enforcing immigration law produces, the executive branch doesn’t make immigration law, and with the law is where the real controversy exists.

There’s a law that was passed by Congress in 2007 that says we’ll build a wall on the southern border. To date, only parts of it have been built. There’s a law that says you can’t come here unless you follow the legal process to come here and if you don’t follow the process and come anyway, you get sent back. Trump says he will – build the wall and send people back – follow the law, which is appropriate Constitutional behavior for the executive.

Enter the angry, tough guy talk into what appears to be his agreement with the law, as he promises to happily enforce it, and this is where he is getting into trouble with people who are concerned about the rights of minorities, while at the same time he inspires people who perceive that government continually violates its own laws and the political class disingenuously placates their desires.

Classical liberals certainly do not have a possible future President Trump convincing the majority that current immigration law is bad law so we can change it to look forward to, and for the foreseeable future we would have to live with bad law that shouldn’t have been made law in the first place. But this is nothing new, nor is it an indication of some outsized authoritarian whim of Trump’s. Our government has been rounding up people who have not followed the legal process to come here and sending them back since before I was born (which was a long time ago). The Obama administration has deported more people than were deported under both the Clinton and Bush administrations combined while pretending to be against it and I haven’t seen any photoshops of Obama with a Hitler moustache.

In reality, the Hitler moustaches would be rightly depicted on each and every member of Congress since current immigration law was passed.