The news in today is that my workgroup’s projects are all fully funded for the rest of the year. In addition to that, there is talk about a two year contract extension that is slated to be complete in June.

Returning to some semblance of pre-crisis normalcy has been a very slow process for me, having now been in my current job for 3 and a quarter years. After this kind of news, I might finally replace my heat pump that went out 5 years ago. It is the one remaining item to take care of on the list of things that went unpaid or unrepaired while I was unemployed. Finally, I see daylight after what felt like forever in the hole. And the added bonus will be being comfortable in the house this summer.

So Donald Trump’s robo pollster called me yesterday evening. I didn’t want to take the poll, and there wasn’t an option to select for declining the poll, so I just hung up on it. It called again a couple of hours later and I hung up on it again. The calls stopped. Or, so I thought.

It started up again late this afternoon. I was working from home and was on a conference call with my soft phone. My landline started ringing and the machine picked it up. It called again an hour later. And then again in another hour, then every half hour, then every 15 minutes. By 8 PM this evening, it had driven me crazy.

So I finally pushed the buttons. No, I am not voting for Trump. I don’t care if he picks Christie or Carson for VP, I am still not voting for Trump. And no, he isn’t going to build the wall. But the one answer I didn’t provide because it wasn’t asked is that after being harassed by obnoxious polling phone calls from the Trump campaign, I made up my mind on the spot. I am not interested in being pushed into doing things against my will, and he can stick his ballots in the spot on his anatomy where the sun doesn’t shine if he can’t even put a GTFO and stop calling me menu choice on his obnoxious poll.