Honestly, I’ve been in a creative dry spell, with nothing but a pile of birdcage-liner posts lined up, nothing worth reading.

One might think that there would be plenty to write about with Donald Trump having sealed the GOP presidential nomination, and many Republicans now looking at the Libertarian Party for a place to land. It’s not like a major political party implodes every day. But the Donald-said-something-stupid episodes are so frequent, posts on that topic have become cliché, as well having zero chance of accomplishing anything other than the momentary personal pleasure of poking fun at an easy target.

It amazes me that the November election will pose a choice of parades of terribles, with a guaranteed end result of terrible. I am rather used to awful, though, just kind kind that is more subtle on the surface only to pack a huge punch later. From seemly nice guys crashing the economy, to the Great Recession, with regular people muted and victimized among idealistic and unethical bureaucratic behavior and nonsense in this decade of crazy. I no longer have the nerve to be shocked over much of anything that develops in this crazy world in which we are now living.

One of things I have been watching with interest lately is the trouble Apple, Inc. seems to have stumbled into in China. The Chinese government apparently demanded the iOS source code and retaliated against Apple’s business interests there when the company refused to comply.

In some parts of the market monetarist blogosphere, there was some wonder about the market turmoil during the latter half of last year and the first of this year, as if the Fed making good on its promise to raise nominal interest rates with tighter money may not have been enough to cause as much havoc as we witnessed. After hearing misc. commentary about conditions in China from various sources over the last several months, I wonder about whether there have been broad policy changes in China that would cause investors to move their investments elsewhere.

Of course I could be entirely misreading the situation as I view it from a far with not much information to go on. After all, Apple is a pretty large company, and if the Chinese will kick it around, there really isn’t any discernable limit to its authoritarianism with the bad policy of expropriating foreigners because it can. Perhaps it is trying to beat The Donald at his own game before having to deal with him in a race to the bottom. I am going to be keeping an eye on that for perhaps visions of things to come at home.

PS: Pink Floyd is a good choice for crazy times.