So, Ben Who Howe, a self-proclaimed conservative, and main spokesman for the #NeverTrump organization has crawled out of the woodwork was on CNN the other day to explain why conservatives should not support the Republican nominee, and to convince them to follow his lead to the Hillary camp. His main reason? Because Donald Trump will redefine what conservatism means, as if none of us in the general public have brains to think and define what we believe for ourselves.

So, conservatives everywhere should vote for the scandal-prone Hillary, the woman who has been fined multiple times for breaking ethics laws when so many others who had committed the same crimes have gone to prison instead, and allow her the use of the White House as a personal enrichment platform for herself and her cronies as she governs the entire country with the same reckless indifference that allowed the fall of the Libyan embassy and its ambassador when she was Secretary of State, all to avoid the death of conservatism as we know it.

And of course, that’s just the start of the tradeoff. In fact, I question why choose Hillary, because it seems to me that there is an error in Mr. Howe’s assumption that takes much for granted, assuming Republicans will remain in control of Congress after a Trump defeat, which could hardly be on the mark. Why not just go straight for what the end result would be and support Bernie Sanders? His policies are what we would end up with at the end of the day, on top of the troubling weaknesses of Hillary, the corruption, cover ups, and militarism within executive branch. I am sure LBJ’s big government Guns and Butter, command and control economy, and “Free” everything is what every conservative wants to endure in the name of saving the name of an idea.

Mr. Howe’s suggestion makes even Donald Trump look smart. And I’ve wondered how much thought Ryan supporters, and those who oppose fiscal stimulus actually put into the end result of the ‘anything and everything’ to defeat Trump campaign. Ryan won’t be the Speaker of the House once it is all over with and Democrats will get to pick up where they left off in 2010, unfettered and unencumbered for the foreseeable future with the Republican Party barely clinging to life. The idea of NGDPLT will be entirely foreclosed by ‘we just haven’t spent enough or blown up enough.’

It’s entirely true that Trump is a sow’s ear. But saying No to Trump is saying Yes to a whole lot of other things that many of us have been railing against since 2008. Hillary vs. Trump is just not nearly as simple and innocuous as it seems.