This sounds like someone who has been in the headlines quite often recently:


By the way, the judge in the class action suit against Trump U, Curiel, is a member of La Raza, which is, in my interpretation, on the radical side of left. A Goggle search will tell you all you need to know about the organization.

It is sad that when Trump was given the opportunity yesterday to clarify his “Mexican” remark that he used in regard to the judge, instead of basing his objection on the grounds of Curiel’s La Raza membership, which may very well pose a conflict of interest, he doubled down on the racial thing.

I have taken nearly every opportunity to understand Trump that has presented itself, tried to put his remarks into context, like I have above, but his need to disparage Curiel on the basis of race is simply inexplicable. He’s on his own with that one.

It may seem like a petty thing to base my opinion upon, but the consolation mission to prevent the political situation in 2009-2010 from repeating itself is appearing nearly impossible, because the remarks themselves are not a petty issue, especially to people who happen to not be caucasian. It is no different a situation within the Party than the one of disparaging people on the basis of wealth, that I have railed against quite often on this blog. Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect until they prove themselves unworthy of it through actions and deeds. The President of the United States is every citizen’s president, and needs to behave like it, especially during the job interview.

I think I shall climb aboard the Gary Johnson train, come what may. I am only one person, and my capacity to hope and to care about what sort of maliciousness occupies the White House starting next year is completely strained.

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