A rare moment occurred today in which I had a free hour to do with whatever I wanted. So I headed over to Gary Johnson’s website to have a look. After all, GQ Magazine proclaimed Johnson as the only sane person running for president, and I know a little about him, enough to say he’s not probably not any sort of malicious person (which is a huge selling point, at least in this election cycle), but not enough to have a confident conversation about him.

There are a number of videos posted of various Johnson interviews at the site and I began going through them one by one. They are very informative, and overall I agree with Johnson on about 80% of his positions.

But after coming to the video below, I bumped into the devil in the detail, and I think I’d have to disagree with GQ’s sanity proclamation in regard to Johnson because, apparently, those who have been forecasting the greatest inflation calamity to ever befall the nation as result of all of the recent spending and QE will never concede to being incorrect, they simply extend the forecast. And Gary Johnson, in his own words, is one of those people (@ 8 min 2 sec.).

Now, of course, I don’t expect my hypothetical preferred candidate to be perfect. But the tinfoil hat thing in regard to monetary policy is a major intellectual flaw that will have no small impact on the results of economic policy that will ultimately hurt more people than it helps, , in addition to being its own form of demagoguery, purposeful or not. Even if Johnson were to accomplish everything else he intends to do, which of course would not happen with bad monetary policy and the political negativity it generates (balance the budget, especially), it is not worth putting innocent people through the kind of devastation that was inflicted on mine and tens of millions of other families in the 2008-2009 disinflation.

Rebuking the two major candidates and the 3rd party guy, the 20k-foot view it’s wrong to divide and conquer based on race. It’s wrong to divide and conquer based on wealth. It’s wrong to seek office for personal gain. And it’s wrong to destroy the fruits of a lifetime of labor. What is next after the major Parties finish doing all of these, devising policies that steal nuts from squirrels?

Folks, none of these are what government should be doing. None of the candidates represent anything good about government. Not one.