My husband I have been engaged in an ongoing debate about the elections and what ‘it all means.”

In this debate, my husband has taken the side of the never-trump’ers, mostly due to the politically incorrectness of Trump himself. He says that it is simply a matter of principle that we don’t treat others the way Donald does, referring to the stories about criminal illegals, the wall, etc…

I am somewhat sympathetic toward that sentiment. I don’t agree with that portion of things that appears to appeal to the farther right factions of the party. I do not believe it is the moral to deport people who have been here all their lives and know no other home, to break up families, and single out people to be cast asunder. It is also irresponsible to demagogue the issue because there are plenty of irrational people who may view the rhetoric as a license for violence – somewhat like the demonization of police has resulted in the tragic deaths of police officers nationwide, simply because they wear a badge.

That sympathy puts me in the awkward position of picking the poison, because there are and have been plenty of other immoral policies implemented within the status quo, and the message I am hearing from  so-called principled elites is that these policies are principally consistent while these other policies concerning immigration are not. By implication, it’s apparently principally correct and moral to create and sustain a humanitarian disaster with monetary policy, and to denigrate the victims, but unthinkable and immoral to apply the legal prescription for violating immigration law. Other examples of immorality in policy goes to crony capitalism where the politically connected are granted public perks and protections from competition, while average joe ends up booted to the curb and replaced by foreign nationals. And these principled elites just simply cannot fathom why average joes have wholeheartedly rejected them – they simply know not what they do, nor have they bothered to undertake a self-critical examination.

These elites know, in their heart of hearts, they are not mistaken and not wrong. And that can only mean that more of the same is in order – more lives of average people sacrificed on the inflation and bubble fear monger’s altar, more complaining that they can’t make money with low interest rates and that must be remedied immediately – even if they have to cherry-pick data to justify it.

Then insert Hillary who has promised to protect us all from bubbles that printing money causes, and instead wants negative monetary shocks to render the victims dependent on government programs until…, well, we just don’t know when.

As with the conjured issue of violence by illegals, I have also not been able to stomach such willingness to strip people of the fruits of a lifetime of labor, and turning them into couch-potato, hopeless government dependents with no end in sight – while others talk of principle. Sorry, Joe, you have to stay on the couch – We have principle – and by the way – why didn’t you pay your bills?


I think that sometimes, principle is a luxury we simply cannot afford.