I haven’t been writing much lately because there has been a situation weighing on my mind and distracting me that I wish I could write about with all of the details directly. I have, however, alluded to abuses of the guest-worker visa program as much as I dare. It is supposedly a big trend with IBM and Hewlett Packard, and since my company competes with them…

Thus far, I have been one of the fortunate ones in not having to deal with another bout of unemployment as a result of a policy change. To add the knock on wood, the situation is still fluid, however, and things could change. But even if it continues to work out to my advantage, the up close and personal nature of this development highlights a serious need to find something else to do.  I have never been completely thrilled about the job I have – it’s missing the magic. I took it because I really needed a job, and I poured everything I have into it while getting only the satisfaction of the paycheck every other week that has remained static since my first day.

I’d really like something to get all adrenaline rushed and pumped up about. If I am going to be in the business of worrying about tomorrow, I want it to be of my own choosing. So, I think I am looking for a startup – high risk, lots of work, and some sense of having a stake in the outcome. Or, perhaps, I will go register that LLC I’ve been dreaming about and take on the world by the seat of my pants.

I remember, several years ago, in my position as a technology strategist, I was working on a product selection and architecture project for WiFi, and someone brought me a proposal from an independent professional. The project was for an enterprise solution, and I wasn’t interested in a proposal hawking an unmanaged one. But I remember looking at the letterhead, thinking, ‘Hey, Cheese Factory Road,’ imagining myself there.

The problem was, and has been all this time, is that I simply do not know where to start. So, I have lingered in the certainty of a paycheck, occasionally dreaming about what might have been, probably longer than I should.